PEI HWA VOICES (2013-2016)

President for AY15/16

• Oversaw administration and operation of the choir
• Planned and executed camps and concerts
• Prepared the agenda for meetings
• Scheduled and chaired committee meetings

Singapore Youth Festival
National Day Performance
Voice of Asia
Youth Celebrate!


As the Choir President, I was given many opportunities to develop my communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

A soft-spoken and reserved student, I was initially unable to project my voice and stuttered a lot while giving instructions. However, after many tries and putting myself out of my comfort zone, I was eventually able to express myself well.

I led the Executive Committee in planning and executing many events including camps and concerts and coordinated with external organisers for external events. The planning and coordination of bonding camps and concerts trained me to look at things from a wider perspective, think on my feet and manage a team well. I also oversaw and made many decisions to ensure the continuity of daily operations.

In recognition of my good work, I was awarded the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (2015).



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation - Certificate of Distinction (2013 & 2015)
Biannual Central Judging held for all Secondary Schools.

Voices of Asia International Choir Festival (2013)
A choral exchange with choirs from Asian countries and workshops with industry experts.

NUSS Singathon (2014 & 2015)

Yearly choral exchange organised by the National University of Singapore Society.

SG50 Youth Celebrate! (2015)
The official opening ceremony of Singapore Sports Hub. Invited to perform in the Vox Remix segment.